Melanie Cahani appointed to TDFS Board of Directors

In a proud moment for 3 Little Birds, we are thrilled to announce that founder, Melanie Cahani has been appointed as a Board Director for Trafalgar & District Financial Services Ltd, a Bendigo Community Bank branch, marking a significant step forward in fostering strong community ties within the Gippsland region.

Trafalgar & District Financial Services Ltd works in partnership with Bendigo Bank under a franchise agreement to operate Community Bank Trafalgar & District located in Trafalgar, Victoria and has a highly experienced board and branch staff supporting the growth of the bank.

Since its inception, the community banking model has seen Community Bank Trafalgar & District give back $1.83M to the local community through community grants, scholarships and sponsorships. The bank aims to develop long-term prosperity by supporting programs that help empower local individuals and groups within the local community. Nationally the Community Bank network has returned $320 million.

Recipients of the Bendigo Community Bank Trafalgar community grants program

“We are thrilled to have Melanie join the board. Her strategic marketing experience and willingness to embrace the community banking model will help us elevate our connection to stakeholders and raise awareness of the support we offer not only at community level but to our customers too.” said TDFS Chairperson Debbie Di Sisto.

“I’m excited to sit beside such an experienced team at board level and within the branch to help drive the robust strategic action plan and foster mutually beneficial partnerships that will shape the future of community banking.” said Melanie.

As a Board Director Melanie will play a pivotal role in shaping  marketing and communication strategies with a focus on digital strategy and community engagement. Her extensive comms experience will ensure her appointment will help make a lasting impact on interactions with  customers and the local community.

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