Lets face it, media coverage can be a great way to get your business in front of a large audience and increase your brand’s awareness not only to the general public but also in your industry. It can position you as an expert in your field and bring attention to some of the issues and trends you face daily.

Here we discuss some of the essentials we use to engage with media and get our clients great coverage.

Making it relevant. Developing a newsworthy angle can sometimes be challenging to business owners, especially if there are no resources in house to do this. We like to think about what is unique about our client, or what is trending in their industry and then develop an angle that plays to that to get media attention.

Its all about the relationships. Building relationships with journalists and media outlets is an essential piece in the PR mix. If good content is consistently provided in an authoritative manner, then your business or spokesperson can be the first port of call from media when seeking insight into developing stories.

Back it up with visuals. When submitting a byline or opinion piece, the old saying, a picture can tell a thousand words is certainly not lost here. Providing compelling and relevant visuals will almost always certainly make your pitch more attractive to journalists and help push your story across the line.

Lets party! We love a good event here at 3 Little Birds so why not host your own and ask the media to attend? Product launches, store openings, or charity partner events are some great ways to bring the news to you. We can even help you pull together a meaningful media kit so they leave with all the information at hand to draft an interesting story.

Tune into the right channel. While we are big fans of developing great relationships with journalists at 3 Little Birds, news distribution services are also an essential tool we use to push your story to a wider audience and gain wider coverage.

Its all about the call back. After crafting a unique story, compiling compelling visuals and distributing it to relevant publications and journalists, an essential part of PR is the follow up. A quick phone call or email is a great way to gauge whether a journalist is interested in covering your story.

If you are ready to take that next step outside of your traditional marketing mix and would like to really engage with your audience through storytelling, then PR is definitely for you. Let us help you make a start and start a conversation in your industry today.