Five ways to make your business interesting to media

Making your business interesting to the media is about finding a unique angle or story that will capture their attention and resonate with their audience.

Here are some great ways to increase your visibility in the market make your business more newsworthy.

Be timely and relevant! You can use current events and trends in your industry to create excellent stories. Lets face it, you live your business everyday so your insights or opinions on how your business is responding to these trends or events can be insightful and add a unique angle to a story.

Share your successes! Journalists are often interested in stories about businesses that are making a positive impact in their community or industry so if your business has achieved a milestone or success, it will make a great story.

Offer your expertise. If you have expertise in your industry or field, you can offer to share your insights with the media. Opinion pieces or bylines can engage readers and provide a good angle to a issue or trend. Making yourself available for an interview is also a good way to build the foundation for an excellent relationship with journalists.

Highlight your uniqueness. If your business or product is one of a kind or something new to the market, you can successfully pitch to media and offer their readers a first glimpse of things to come. This is also where you can seize the opportunity to offer a sample (if it is product based) to journalists for them to try.

Partner with charities or other organisations. Partnering a with a local charity or non-profit organisation is not only good for the soul and moral of your staff but has a flow on effect so highlighting any partnership and the impacts it has can also provide for a feel good story in the community.

And if you don’t have the time to do all of this yourself, that’s where we can help!

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